Sprachinstitut Carlos Uceda

Seit Januar 2007 im Nagelhaus,
Kirchstraße 61, 72622 Nürtingen

Telefon/Fax (0 70 22) 3 62 18    
eMail: info@sprachinstitut-uceda.de



  • for beginners
  • for beginners with some skills
  • advanced course in grammar and conversation
  • conversation/daily situations
  • business language
  • basic language skills for holidays and time abroad

From the first lesson onwards you will have the chance to learn

vocabulary and grammar in relation to day to day situations. 
All lessons take place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

This course provides students with their own intensive course over a short or long period of time.
This gives the chance to learn a language quickly, to revive existing knowledge, or to perfect skills.

All lessons take place in small groups with a maximum of five students.
If you have you previous language knowledge and are interested in a group lesson,
you are invited to join us in one lesson without commitment.

The reputation of any firm and their respective business success is largely connected with
the ability of the employer/ee to communicate and secure deals and projects in a foreign language.
We provide courses with the opportunity to extend present skills of your employer/employees.